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Re: Sigma 50mm f1.4 ART

We can compare a 58mm lens to a 50mm lens but bear in mind that if the Nikkor 58mm do have a better bokeh, it is in part due to the extra 8mm ... it is part of the Nikon trick.

That said, the optical formula of the upcoming SIGMA 50mm ART is brand new and kind of complicated. It is not the same as the Otus but it come close in term of complications. The size and the extensive use of special glass in the Otus justifies his price by himself : 6 huge special glass elements VS 3 moderate sized elements in the SIGMA.

However, you need to know that SIGMA changed drastically his trajectory since Kasuto San took the control, and this is only the start. The main weapon, beside the lens engineering, is their A1 machine to control the lenses. The new lenses should resolve WO the Merrill sensor and that is not an easy task. It also need to circumvent the color aberrations of the Merrill sensor and that too... is not an easy task. Before this machine, they measured the lenses with a Zeiss MTF machine. The A1 machine is far superior and they now calculate the lenses to match this superiority thus the excellence of the new lenses.

Add a wonderful construction and noble materials ... and you have some very serious glass in your bag for a very correct price. SIGMA Art lenses are more close to Zeiss quality than Nikon quality, period, in term of performance and build construction.

SIGMA is independent and do not joke, at all. This is only the start. Having used lately the 58 f1.4... well, ya know ... it is not a serious lens. Only on paper and propaganda. I returned it and I'm more satisfied with my 50f1.2, every day.

So now, be sure that the upcoming reviews and tests will absolutely not disappoint you. Even DxO will rate it high, much that what you can expect if you are sceptical.

This is the best 50mm after the Otus. For the price (who will be under 1000$), it will be ranked among the best actual lenses at all levels (performance, build, price...) ... in the 50mm range of course... just wait the upcoming 85 ...

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