SONY NEX-3N -Tips and settings shooting indoors with low light

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Re: SONY NEX-3N -Tips and settings shooting indoors with low light

After typing the above I was in an indoors kids playground with pretty good light (for indoors) and I looked down and the NEX was picking F4 (with a pretty high ISO, like 1000 or something). So maybe the level of light determines F4 versus F3.5.

Indoor playgrounds/bounce house places are pretty challenging, because the kids are all moving really fast and while the lighting is good for indoors it's not very good compared to sunlight. 
Yesterday I had an iphone 5s, Canon 300HS and the NEX-3n at the indoor playground and the NEX-3n was by far the best of the bunch.  In low light even at ISO 640 the 300HS looked horrible, much worse than the 3n at ISO 1600. I got some OK shots with the 300HS using the flash, and the iphone was OK for some things such as sweep panoramas of the whole area but overall if I had to pick one camera to bring with me it would be the 3n.

Question: For low light which would be better: RAW and Lightroom to rescue exposure issues or jpeg and rely on the camera's wizardy to nail the exposure and compensate for the low light?


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