Anyone for Sunday Scapes (2014-01-05) ?

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Scott Whittemore wrote:

Fascinating landscape. I don't suppose you know what kind of rock comprises those outcroppings? It looks like it could be either volcanic or sedimentary.

I am quite sure these rocks are volcanic and would be part of the Rattlesnake Eruption. This would be from a volcano far beneath our Harney Basin where I live but a bit before my day (7 million years ago). This eruption was huge and suspected that it shot rock/ash/gas tens of thousands of feet into the atmosphere. This all fell back to earth in a red-hot layer that blanketed and forever transformed about 18000 sq miles of Oregon's landscape in a short period of maybe hours or a few days.

Geologists call this rock Rattlesnake Ash-Flow Tuff I believe. These particular outcroppings are worn a bit differently and seem unusual then most we see here. I contribute that to the many crystallization and welding variations that came about from the eruption and the different erosion that has come about since then.

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