The Philosophy of Nikon Df

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Re: You don't have to use the manual controls.

enkindler wrote:

brightcolours wrote:

sandy b wrote:

For the most part with two control wheels, you can use it like any other Nikon.

But the only point of the camera is the old dials. Not high resolution (D800), not sports performance (D4), not affordability (D610).

You forgot the reason many of the sacrifices were made (Battery size, card slot, focus system). It is the lightest and smallest full-frame DSLR on the market.

It is just about the same size and weight as the Canon EOS 6D (really).,380

Not sure what is so special about that? They should have made the Df a lot smaller to have a value size wise, the same size as the FM's and Nikkormats. Then it woud be a plus. And a control philosophy which is consistent and sensible...

I have nothing against Nikon trying something different, but they should have done it well. I do like my pre-Ai Nikkors on my Nikkormat FTn and my 6D.

You may not see the value in that but others do.

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