The Philosophy of Nikon Df

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sandy b
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Poor focus Screen.

According to some it is a bit better. Thom comes to mind. Or Bjorn. But even if its not, then its the same as the one in the 3DX, D4, D3s, D800 etc. I have never heard people whining about how horrible they focus manually.

The Nikon D3x was probably overpriced by more than the total cost of the Df in my mind. Why did Nikon price it their? Because they wanted too, and the sales figures were what they were. Yet people bought it, who perceived it to be what they needed, and for the most part, people didn't really seem to mind. should be the same with the Df, considered over priced by some, and loved by others.

By the way, the D800 only does 4.5 fps. Shouldn't have Nikon made it 7 or 8 fps? For over three thousand dollars? And according to some, it doesn't AF in sports shooting as well as the D4. They have the technology on a chip to do that. Shouldn't all DSLR's do 8 fps? No, of course not. Product differentiation.

And mostly, with two dials, you can run the Df just like any other Nikon if you choose. Its called Fusion, not retro.

Nikon knew this camera would have limited market. That's how they made it. But they knew enough people like Bjorn or Thom, and some of the heavy hitters around here would buy it. And they are.

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