Have RF lenses had their day ?

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Re: and in the new reality ...

parallaxproblem wrote:

As it stands, Sony have instead rather stupidly created a 'chasm' in E-mount ownership with two very different types of customers owning NEX and A7/r series, as is very clear in this forum. I hope the new release announcements planned for spring go some way to closing that chasm otherwise we will begin to see an increasing number of NEX customers jumping-ship as the realisation of what has happened sinks-in

And there isn't a 'chasm' between DSLR full frame and APS-c customers?

I haven't found the purchase of my A7R has decreased the usefulness or usage of my APS-C e-mount cameras, and I don't think the scenario is all that different from the Canikon. They have a range of APS-C and full frame cameras and lenses and I haven't heard of users complaining that Rebel cameras are no good because the 5DMkIII exists?

Is the A7r different from the NEX6 yes? But it took me a matter of minutes to familiar myself with the body and start taking IMO good photos.

I also don't think the FE lenses have been all that expensive either compared to equivalent full frame lenses from other manufacturers. Not that I own any as I primarily shoot with manual lenses and I've been very happy with the Sony bodies.

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