Please help me to stay with Pentax!

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Re: Please help me to stay with Pentax!

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Shoot RAW and learn how to WB properly, no camera can ever truly get WB perfect, many can come close in many situations but some fall short. I assure you even Nikon falls short. I never trust AWB to get it right, I expect it to come close most of the time but i know how to WB many scenarios either by choosing a neutral white/grey patch or by understanding what WB values are right for sunny, cloudy, shade, and such situations. So consider WB your next target to learn in photography, you'll be amazed at how much better photos will look with the WB set right.

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Thank you Mike.

I look at this different. I do WB manually on my K20. Because this is an old stuff I'm forgiving. Today, when I have to pay my money I want to do my life easier. For me K3 looks like music instrument made from high end material, well built, but tuning must be done with everyone yourself. I can produce excellent pictures with my istDL in manual mode. And I do. But if I pay money, I expect something what would made my life easier: decent AWB, good jpg quality directly from camera, fast autofocus and so on. And there is not a big difference in price between K3 and 6D or D610.


It would SEEM that should be the case, Audrius, BUT spending MORE money on a camera DOES NOT mean it will be EASIER to use or "make your life easier." A case in point (and this point has ALSO been made by the experts in photo magazines), although it's a VERY SAFE BET that all the serious, full-time professional photographers who pay MANY THOUSANDS of dollars for cameras such as the Canon EOS-1D X or the Nikon D4 (or the very popular Canon 5D Mark III) that they would LIKE to have a built-in flash like the rest of us do, that feature ISN'T included on those cameras, for whatever reason(s). So when one of those pros, who may have paid as much as $6,800 just for the camera BODY, needs even only a LITTLE flash for fill, he or she has no choice but to put something in the hot shoe or use some other form of external lighting or strobe.

Also, the more pro-level cameras tend to have many more options on them in the way of customization, such that the shooter can essentially control everything the camera does. The K-3 leans in that direction more than ANY APS-C camera in history, which is a big part of why it's gotten as many great reviews as it has. In addition to major improvements in both autofocus and metering, this became the first-ever camera to have NO AA filter, but a technological way to SIMULATE the AA filter. But it also has a variety of of features that can affect sharpness and other things, such as High-ISO Noise Reduction, which is too aggressive on AUTO and needs to be set to CUSTOM, and told to NOT kick in until about ISO 3200. Leaving the AA simulator off gives yet another level of sharpness. The K-3 comes with BOTH of these things turned ON.

And there are A NUMBER of other areas in which settings can be "tweaked" to improve the camera to an individual user's tastes. Sharpness can be set to several different levels, for instance. One may ask WHY would anyone want the sharpness setting on anything but FINE to begin with... Well, what if you WANT a "dreamy," sort of blurry looking photo. There's a bit of an option there. There are so many different options on this camera that it takes some time to sit down and go through the menus and learn them. And NEVER assume it came from the factory set up how you WANT it set up. That may be true for one shooter in 20, if that.

Go to the Ricoh website and download the manual for the K-3 and read through it. It's not that long -- just a bit more than 100 pages. It won't cover all the menu items in detail, but it will give you a taste of what's there.


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