The Philosophy of Nikon Df

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Re: The Brilliancy of the Nikon Df

eNo wrote:

The keenest observation about the Df is how aptly it fulfills the poser mentality that infuses forums like this one and all but obscures clear-eyed considerations about what photography is about.

As you define it. Could it just be that some people enjoy taking pictures with equipment that's fun to use (for them) and gives great results? When I read your post I'm reminded of this sketch from Blackadder :

Lady Whiteadder: Chairs! You have chairs in your House?

Blackadder: Yes, well...

[she slaps him twice]

Lady Whiteadder: Wicked Child! Chairs are the work of Belezabub! At our house Nathaneal sits on a spike!

Blackadder: And yourself?

Lady Whiteadder: I sit on Nathaneal! Two spikes would be an extravagance.

In that sense, Nikon is tapping into a real market, namely that which is sustained by utter boredom-driven search for the next latest-and-greatest gadget.

Tip: gadgets don't capture life. Hearts and vision do.
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