Robin Wong reviews the Stylus 1

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Re: you can do miracles( Warning humor)

Yes you will,

you just need to move to the tropics to get the right light, for your wonderful camera.

Image below vs Robin's lorikeet pics

Canon EOS 400D - measly 10MP, not a bad camera as such except they sold it to my wife(Before we met ) with the non IS 18-55 and 75-300. Mongrels!

EF 75-300III -worst canon lens made according to many , can't believe they still sell it. F8 aperture to get it out of 'fuzzy' mode
Zero IS fun trying to keep the image steady with a dim pentamirror.Also required 400 ISO to reduce lens shake.

One wild Lorikeet in a large tree, vs a bird park. I don't think it liked Canon branded products was going haywire.

Mate it has got to be the light.

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