Happy I took my D800E!

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Re: Happy I took my D800E!

Mikael Risedal wrote:

the best sensor today of all and regarding noise at base iso + resolution.

playing around with the Otus together with d800, bad weather here in Sweden, raining, grey, bad light etc, several at aperture 1.4


The Otus is more than fantastic.  I'm sure I'll never own one, but congratulations on yours.  Your images are nice and pleasing, but if you look at the flat walls behind the subjects, you will see significant noise.  That's the D800, not the lens or diffraction.  Sensors are not perfect.

In this forum one might think that the D800 is essentially noise free, even at high iso.  Not so.  Yes, it's way better than what came before, including the D3x, and better than most of the current sensors regarding noise, but the noise is there and needs removal.

It seems that the best sensor for low noise at high iso right now is the D4/Df, and probably the upcoming improved D4.  I don't do sports, though, and for me like many others the Df is overpriced for what it is.

In no way do I mean to be negative or insulting.  Your gear is top-notch, your lens is in the amazing category, your images are competent and pleasing.  But on the D800, as good as it is, noise is there.  Noticeable, significant amounts at higher iso's.  It's foolish to ignore that fact or simply wish it away.  I always shoot raw, and usually fix noise in my images in ACR or Lightroom.
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