The Philosophy of Nikon Df

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Re: You are so wrong!

philharris wrote:

Matt wrote:

you clearly fail to see that just by leaving out modern electronics and controls you will be able to take much better photos!

Your landscape photos suck because you had to set the shutter speed with a little plastic wheel?

Fear no more! On the Df you can set the aperture with a large metal wheel on top of the camera and your pics will be stunning!

Your long exposures leave something to be desired and are not creative?

Worry not! By using a mechanical remote shutter wire that your grandpa used, you can now also attain the photographic perfection that a wireless remote had denied you for so many years!

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What is so wrong with having a choice? I can do either with the Df, sometimes I like to use the large metal wheel, others I like to use the little plastic wheel.

There is also something tactile about an old cable release that's rather nice to use, I know it doesn't appeal to many but it does to me, if that's ok with you of course.

There is also the chance for jerking on the camera with a cable release.

I am all up for switches and wheels (prefer Nikon over Canon in that regards) but if you take useful features away just to look retro then I find that retarded

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Canon EOS 400D
Sigma 24-70 HF
Canon 50 f1.8

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