Sony a7 and Panasonic GX7: Two Cameras sitting on my desk. Must return one.

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Re: Sony a7 and Panasonic GX7: Two Cameras sitting on my desk. Must return one.

I just made a similar decision. I am a Canon and M43 shooter. When the A7 and A7r were announced I thought the A7r might be a unified camera for me. I will explain. My recent travel system has been m43 with a Sigma DP1 Merrill thrown in for Hi res landscape. The A7r looked like a likely unified replacement. Here is the rub. After a week I am not sure I can live with the AF and black out on the A7r.

I would compare the A7r AF to 1st or 2nd generation m43, pretty bad. Don't flame me on this unless you have compared them yourself. I am not expecting the A7r to match my old 1DMKIV or my current 5DMIII just be a little closer to the GH3. The black out is also pretty bad.

This is not a shot at the A7r just my own experience. Remember I am also dragging along a DP1 when shooting m43. The DP1 is limited to about 100-200 ISO.

My first trip with the A7r made the decision easier. My M43 large bag is the Think Tank Retro 5. I carried the 35FE 55FE CY28 and a Metabones III with some Canon glass also the small Sony flash. Well this system was noticeably heavier then equivalent m43.

The question then was how many 16 x 20 prints would I make? M43 holds up pretty well without much cropping.

Like I said at the beginning, not a unifying camera for me. I might buy it back to use with my Canon glass just for the resolution. For travel I think I would still enjoy the m43 more.

The whole A7r system is now on its way back to B&H.

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