The Philosophy of Nikon Df

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Re: Df low light AF ability should not even be a question

Scott McMorrow wrote:

Josh152 wrote:

Those who don't care about the retro look or need/want the D4 sensor are left scratching their heads as to why anyone would pay that price for such a low spec'd camera and those who do like the design and/or D4 sensor are left trying to justify spending that amount of money on said camera. It's a perfect recipe to keep people discussing/arguing about the camera. Almost like Nikon planed it that way lol.

It's actually brilliant brand marketing. Talk about the Df has definitely superseded the D600 oil spot debacle. Everyone is talking about the NIKON Df. Therefore, everyone is comparing it to the NIKON D610 and NIKON D800. You don't like the Df, well we have two other amazing cameras for you. One at about the same price, and one that is less expensive, you choose. Quite frankly, today's offerings from Nikon have amazing capabilities. Tomorrow they introduce the NIKON D3300, a 24 MP entry level DSLR without an AA-filter, and announce the next in the NIKON D4 line.

Very true.

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