whats up with my FZ200 images

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Re: f/8 (like f/22) isn't always a no-no

Timj351 wrote:

Nick, thanks for doing these test shots. It's very informative and matches my own, much less scientific, results. I've pretty much concluded that F4 is a good setting for outdoor scenes where you want good detail out to the edges of the frame. For just about anything else where the primary area of interest is anywhere in the middle than F2.8 is the best. Shutter speed and lower ISO is very important to me on this camera so I try to use the fastest aperture that my scene will allow.

It's a balancing act isn't it. That makes sense to me in your context of wanting fast shutter speeds and low ISOs. My context is different - wanting lots of dof for close-ups, and I have to balance the rest against that, which often leads me to high ISOs and slow shutter speeds, and/or using flash (about which I have mixed feelings) and/or using a tripod.

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