"10D has a built-in database for each lens type..."

Started Jun 5, 2003 | Discussions thread
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mr Mankos

John Mankos wrote:

So what if you bought a vehicle and the car manufacturer rigged it
so you could only use one brand of oil filter?

One brand of tire?

One brand of brake pads?

Competition benefits everyone....

I cant see how it benefits Canon. I think equating tire brands, brake pads, and oil filters to lenses is unrealistic.

That said, I probably overstated the case. My 10D works OK, and my two lenses work OK - a 28-135 IS and a 75-300 IS. But I no longer trust Canon, and I am not going to buy the additional 10D body or 2 L lenses I had planned to buy. In fact for the forseeable future I will add no Canon equipment.

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