K30 fried after using in rain

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Re: K30 fried after using in rain

JeffAHayes wrote:

I agree, James. I also think if drying it out doesn't solve his problem, he quite likely still has the two-year warranty issue under EU stipulations.

Well I am drying it out although I am thinking what is the point as it will happen again and again. I bought this due to their marketing claims.

Currently on their website:

5 Reasons to choose Pentax

No.1 Heavy-duty construction designed for all-weather, all-location shooting

Well this is hardly ambiguous is it?

As for Pentax and how its warranty relates to its WR claims, while Pentax definitely sells cameras and lenses based on the WR properties (I recall when the K-30 was their top NEW model, you'd go to their website and there was a big picture of it covered with wet snow on their primary sales web page), Pentax is equally quick to say they DON'T cover any repairs caused by the negligence of gettiing water or dust into their cameras or lenses.

Frankly, as much as I love my Pentax cameras and WR or DA* lenses, I think that sort of doubletalk is both disingenuous AND, quite frankly, WILL NOT hold up under the laws of ANY country that has a reasonable court system, since they advertise these cameras and lenses with them covered with rain and/or snow.

Yeah this is 100% double talk. I would love to bring them to court and sink them (excuse the pun), they wouldn't have a leg to stand on, but that is marketing for you!

That said, I'm still really careful. If I want to shoot in rain or show, I'm till going to do my best to protect my camera and lens(es), and dry them off as soon as I can, then probably nestle them in a DIFFERENT towel that hasn't been used to dry off a camera or lens, to ensure they remain and/or continue to finish drying while I go to my next shot, or do whatever else, similar to what Russell said he does at Yellowstone. In my opinion, just because they advertise the product as weather resistant doesn't mean we need to push the envelope every chance we get. That would be like taking your 4WD truck out and climbing the side of a mountain with it when there's an equally good highway directly beside the rugged dirt trail you're on. What's the point, other than to put extra wear-and-tear on a mechanical and electrical product that has a limited life no matter how you take care of it? Which is why I also have those cheap camera and lens protection covers for shooting in rain and snow. I'm not SCARED of getting my camera or lens wet, but I see no reason to do it just because I CAN, either.

I don't think I did push it as I sheltered the camera from the wind and had it in a very breathable HAMA hard case. The lens kept the water out no problem and out of the sensor chamber.

The camera has a faulty seal and there is no way I am paying to get it fixed as it is Pentax's fault.

I'll have to contact Pentax tomorrow as the Jessops shop in the UK where I bought it from were of little help. They wanted £25 for to have it 'looked at'. Then said Pentax will look up the serial number to see if the batch was faulty (? eh? How would they know a batch was faulty and why would QC release a faulty batch). Then the salesman said Pentax would decifer whether it was my fault or not and decide whether to charge me for the repair.

The salesman then continued to state that he wouldn't use a camera in the rain. Well OK but I was suckered in by Pentax's marketing which ultimately made me decide to choose the Pentax system.

Overall I was not impressed by Jessops and I'll not be buying anything from them again. Like other people have said you are better buying from a pro-dealer with a longer guarantee. No wonder the high street shops are continuing to die. As this was my first DSLR purchase I had no idea about this. I bought a Casio compact from Jessops in 2000 and it died too so maybe it is a poisonous relationship!

I'll need to contact Pentax myself as I knew handing over £25 to Jessops would be money down the drain.

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