The Philosophy of Nikon Df

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Re: Df low light AF ability should not even be a question

Scott McMorrow wrote:


I absolutely agree. The Df is what it is.

The frustration that many have is that it could have been much more. Clearly that was a design/marketing decision at Nikon. It has a great sensor with low light capability that is not being fully utilized. Had it been a little bit more than it is, I might have dumped my D800 for the Df. As it is, I'm ambivalent about the camera. Autofocus is a step backwards from the D800, and ergonomics are nowhere near as good.

There are some that have the camera who would like to convince us (actually themselves) that its low light autofocus capability is as good as the D800. It is not. It's just as good as the D600/610. And that's fine. It's also just as good as the D700 (per the specifications), which people have used for years in low light settings.

If it's good enough for someone, that's fine. They don't need to justify their decision on these forums.

I agree completely.

I think all the debating about the camera comes down to the price. If the Df was around the same price as a D610 it would just be seen as a retro version of that camera and those who weren't interested would have just been like "that's nice" and moved on and those who were wouldn't feel the need to justify it by over inflating what the camera can do. The same would have happened if it's features and build were on par with a D800 and it was it's current price.

IMO Part of the problem with the price is that the D800 and D700 before it have set the standard of what type of features and build quality are expected from consumers for a camera in the Nikon line up that's in the $2700-$3000 price range and the D600 and D610 have set the standard for what kind of features and build are expected in the Nikon line up for the $2000 price range. The Df breaks this convention in the worst possible way by offering less features than a D600/D610 while at the same time being priced at the D700/D800 level.

Those who don't care about the retro look or need/want the D4 sensor are left scratching their heads as to why anyone would pay that price for such a low spec'd camera and those who do like the design and/or D4 sensor are left trying to justify spending that amount of money on said camera. It's a perfect recipe to keep people discussing/arguing about the camera. Almost like Nikon planed it that way lol.

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