SONY NEX-3N -Tips and settings shooting indoors with low light

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Re: SONY NEX-3N -Tips and settings shooting indoors with low light

Pete_S wrote:

keeponkeepingon wrote:

Regarding "The default shutter speed at the wide end in A or P mode is 1/60th" and the camera choosing F4 instead of F3.5. I'm not really seeing that.

Sorry, I should have qualified that with "using auto ISO". It will raise the ISO rather than use slower than 1/60th. Shame you can't customise this behaviour as the IS is easily good enough to use 1/15th, sometimes even 1/8th, under the right circumstances.

The F4 rather than F3.5 also applies to auto ISO in P mode. Seems like Sony haven't got much faith in the 16-50 wide open! Which, again, is a shame because my copy at least is pretty good at F3.5.

I am not sure if it is specific to SELP1650. I have heard others who said that the newer NEXs picks F4 regardless of the lens. The default setting for my NEX3N is perfect for me. I am quite happy with quality at ISO 3200.

From reading many reviews, I believe the optimal performance of SELP1650 is F5.6 at 16mm. So I set my S mode to F5.6. Most of the time, the camera pick ISO while keeping the speed at 1/60.

My own tip is to set the camera to burst mode. If I take 5+ shots with a single click, I can get sharp picture on still objects even with shutter speed at 1/6!

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