The Philosophy of Nikon Df

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Re: Df low light AF ability should not even be a question

amobi wrote:

Scott McMorrow wrote:

There's no question that Nikon itself thinks that the D800 has much better low light AF capability than the Df. It's a shame, since the sensor is superb in low light.

This is exactly why some people are not too happy with Df. You have a camera made for low light with mediocre AF. It defeats the purpose.

The only people I see buying this camera so far are those with a lot of money to burn. I'm yet to see a real pro with this camera.

I don't think the Df was made for low light exactly. It was designed to be an as cost effective to produce as possible retro styled camera which would tug at heart strings of certain people who will pay a premium for such a camera and in doing so make it a high margin product that will provide a nice profit for Nikon. They just used the D4 sensor to help amortize the cost of the sensor (or maybe the D4 sensor is just less expensive for them than the Sony sensors in the D610/D800), get people who want the D4 senor to think the camera is a bargain and perhaps buy it as well even if they dont' care for the retro look, and maybe to use the lower resolution hide some of the flaws the old lenses it is designed to work with have. I don't think low light performance was a specific design goal other wise it probably would have had the better AF. Also the low light ability would be one of the major marketing messages about the camera if that was one of the main design goals.

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