Stagnation of New APS-C Models?

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How often do you expect Sony to update them ?

Canon has been releasing their Digital Rebels every year to a 1 1/2 year, with most "updates" however being very incremental, especially concerning the processor capability. So the real major updates were about 3 years apart. E.g. my first Rebel was XTi, and it wasn't really surpassed until T1i / T2i (the later being a "super" T1i). So, it's 2006 to 2009/10. Then it stayed basically the same until T4i came out with an updated AF in 2012. There were many good improvements in the subsequent models - swivel screen, ability to trigger remote flashes - but they were just nice to haves, not IQ game changers. I replaced T2i with T3i to gain swivel screen for video (only because I could do it essentially for free) and while I liked T3i more overall, it was basically the same camera.

So, 2006-2009-2012 for real improvements for Canon. That's every 3 years.

The first Nex 3 was released in the mid-2010, . Nex 7 appeared in the late 2011 and Nex 6 in the late 2012. They were each very different cameras (relative to the predecessors). Now Sony came out with A3000 and A7/r. Their development pace is phenomenal. I don't think Sony will abandon the APS-C format, both Canon and Nikon have APS-C and full frame and it makes sense. It's obvious Sony is not abandoning E mount either, even with the arrival of FE - this is the same strategy Canon does with EF (full frame that can be used on crop) and EF-S (crop only) lens lines, which are both thriving. Again, this is a sensible strategy that other major camera manufacturers follow.

So, APS-C is here to stay, and E is here to stay. The new bodies will arrive, with time. The only question is the format of these new bodies. We now have the small rangefinder style cameras (the original Nex), the small rangefinder style cameras with a "hump" to allow for a bigger LCD (A7/r), and the small DSLR style cameras (A3000). I hope Sony will maintain all three. If not, I hope they at least produce a midrange APS-C (Nex 6 replacement) in the format of A7, I can live with the hump as long as the overall body is not larger or thicker. If the new direction is A3000, i.e. the larger, thicker DSLR styled bodies, I may just go back to Canon. Time will tell.

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