still torn between m43 and Full Frame systems

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Re: Sorry, no it doesn't

robonrome wrote:

Lab D wrote:

As OP i'd like to clarify that while yes in part i started this thread because i can see m43 doesnt quite match my FF kit on IQ in some situations, my main point was i am prefering m43 and especially the GH3 for all the form and functional/feature reasons i listed...its simply a better/easier camera to use. You forget its there and can concentrate on photography...i wish i could say same for 5d3 but cant.


I 100% understand and respect your position.

I feel the same way.  I confess that I seldom take a large DSLR of any kind with me when I travel now.

MFT has tempted me but, in my case, I find that the best compromise is the Fuji x range.  They are the only interchangeable lens cameras of light weight and size where I feel that there is little or no IQ given up in exchange for portability.  While they are not as snappy and fun to use as, say, an EM-1, they are fast enough and the IQ is noticeably better in those situations where the light is poorer or you want that '"3D pop" that a larger sensor and fast lens can provide.

If you can live with a 35mm lens, the X100S is probably the most fun you can have with a small camera. And the IQ is good - as good as a Canon 5D3 most of the time.

I can totally see why you like the GH3 though.  Lovely camera.  And Im a big fan of a good EVF.

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