Hope any new top end DX body is smaller, lighter and made of composites

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Lighter: sure, Smaller: no thank you

OceanFroggie wrote:

"IF" a new high-end nikon DX body is announced (ie pitched between D7001 and D300s) - I Hope it's smaller & made of composites.

In every other field of technology products have become smaller, lighter and made of composite materials instead of metal. Phones, laptops, tablets have all got thinner, lighter and stronger. Modern composite plastics cut build costs yet improve build quality and durability. I don't understand the misconceived notion that a metal camera body is necessarily better. Metal is so yesteryear.

The whole advantage of DX is smaller, lighter, therefore more likely to be carried around more. Mobile devices have shown how good design could more efficiently be used even on semi pro DX bodies allowing as many physical controls on a D3x00 size body as on the D300s body. Personally the body I'd love too see is a D300x control layout on a D3200 sized body, light and compact with tilt LCD and genuinely live sensor exposure preview on live view (ie like smartphones). And modern software not stuck in the DSLR MSDOS like dark ages. I'll dream on . . .

I'm happy with the size of the D300, fits the hand(s) well. I have average size hands, no Lana Kane here, and I find my old D40 too small. I one hand carry my cameras often. With the D40 the heel of my hand tends to start pressing the D-pad, especially with a larger lens attached. Too much stuff crammed into too little space. So, no thanks to a D3200 sized camera. My old D70s was a tolerable sized camera, I'd say that's about as small as I would want for my main camera.

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