still torn between m43 and Full Frame systems

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Re: Sorry, no it doesn't

Lab D wrote:

topstuff wrote:

Really,the improvement over the GH3 is not that great. In normal light I doubt you will see a difference. And in low light neither are nearly as good as FF.

There is probably only one range of cameras that offer light weight with nearly FF quality -the Fuji X cameras.

The latest Fuji XE 2 has pretty decent AF - not that far behind the EM-1, but the files it produces are a definite step up from MFT.

Sorry, but you must be confused. Even DPR says, " the Fujifilm X-E2 is also worth considering - especially if you're looking to shoot with legacy lenses. But, despite a couple of flaws - and its being over a year old - the OM-D E-M5 remains atop the mid-range mirrorless pack."

Wow, the XE 2 can't even compete with the almost 2 year old EM5.

I own neither system.  I don't have to justify my ownership decisions as you seem compelled to do. And I cannot be offended by any allegiance to different brands of inanimate consumer photo electronics that will be out of date junk in a few years anyway.

Lets talk facts here.  At low ,normal ISO there really isn't any difference.

But at the more extreme end, shooting high ISO for example, the Fujis are definitely better.  Only the Fuji and possibly the AA filter-less Pentax K3, are close to FF quality.

The OP started this thread because he could see that MFT was not,ultimately , on a par with FF if absolute IQ was what mattered.  The EM-1 is a fantastic camera but it has NOT changed this situation.

Plenty of Canon 5D2/3 shooters are using the Fujis and report that the images are as good as the FF Canons. And lots of pro stock agencies are taking Fuji files where before they wanted FF.

They are right.  I look at photo files every day in my work.  And trust me, while for 90% of situations the EM-1 is good enough, there will be times, perhaps that low light portrait where the shooter wants to shoot wide open and crank up the ISO, when it is obvious that FF ( and you can include Fuji X in this too ) are a step up.

The EM-1 is great, but it's only got 16mp and a little sensor. it can only achieve so much.

As OP i'd like to clarify that while yes in part i started this thread because i can see m43 doesnt quite match my FF kit on IQ in some situations, my main point was i am prefering m43 and especially the GH3 for all the form and functional/feature reasons i listed...its simply a better/easier camera to use. You forget its there and can concentrate on photography...i wish i could say same for 5d3 but cant.

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