Stagnation of New APS-C Models?

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Re: Stagnation of New APS-C Models?

parallaxproblem wrote:

nevercat wrote:

When Sony said back in august when releasing the A3000 (along with the Nex 5t) that there would be more Nex styled cameras comming would that be believed by the doomsday people?

This is not true!

Sony have never said that there will be more NEX style cameras coming. I, and several other people have even posted on their blogs asking this precise question and received no reply

Sorry I stated it wrong what I mentioned to tell is: If sonysaid back in....

You keep on telling that the Nex 5t should be named A5000 just by a few photo's with that model number on it. I've given several reasons for this name on this camera, but you keep on telling that what you say is true...

What I say is true. Your 'reasons' aren't anything of the kind - kindly re-state them so that people can see them for what they are

OK here they are. these are possible reasons for the A5000 on a few cameras:

1. It was a mask for the new name of the camera, like we see often happen on cars too, never mentioned to be shown to the public.

2. It was a name abandoned for the old Nex name as the camera had not enough new features for a big name change.

And I want to add one here and now:

3. It was a wrong namen, Sony had to deside how the Nex styled cameras had to be named as the FF cameras will be named Ax, the APS DSLR shaped E-mount cameras will be named Axxxx and the SLT cameras will be named Axx The APS Nex shaped cameras may be named Axxx or Ax5xx or even an other name.

The name Nex is very unlikely as it is told that that will be abandoned

All we hear in interviews with Sony is 'change change change' but nothing concerning what the future holds for NEX owners

Well Sony did show some of the future: A Full Frame E-mount camera, A very cheap E-mount camera, a Nex 5r successor, and tomorrow probably (it still is a rumor, so things can go different then we expect) a Nex 3 successor, so from August it was clear to me, and all the well thinking people what the future of the E-mount was: New cameras, so we can keep on using our E-mount lenses, nothing to worry....

Then you obviously have a line of communication with Sony (or a level of imagination) denied to most of us!

No I can read! My E-mount lenses will work perfectly on both the A7(r), and the A3000 and on the Nex 5t and on all future E-mount cameras. It was very clear to me the E-mount would go on as both Sony and Zeiss came with new E-mount lenses after august...

And change, change, change (as I often said) does not means that Sony will throw away a succesfull formfactor (successfull outside America)

Unless Sony tell us specifically what it means then you cannot put any such interpretation on it

And you can?

The sad reality is that Sony care little for their existing customers and are only interested in expanding their market to non-Sony owners.

And many showed you where wrong, but you did not listen... You keep on proclaiming doom and gloom...

How do you know I am 'wrong'? How do you know what Sony are or are not planning to do?

All I have ever been asking for is for Sony to tell us in general terms (ie. no secrets) what is happening. What is 'wrong' about that?

And may told you that there is no camera maker telling what they may bring in the future and how it will look... And you are wrong in Sony not comming with new APS small E-mount cameras just wait and see..

and for others the economic absurdity of such behaviour in alienating loyal customers and destroying 'goodwill' is incomprehensible,

Could it be incomprehensible to Sony too? Could it be that Sony understands that only going for new custommers is a stupid thing? Do you realy think they need you, and the other end of the world proclaimers, to show them the right path?

Yes, I do!


We have seen them totally drop OVF for SLT, not make both models but drop one for the other!

First, as mentioned they came with both models, the A580 did not sell realy well as did none of the real DSLRs, so they decided to go SLT all the way, with all the bennefits and dow sides of it... A smart choice as I don't think thetre would be an A-mount when they did not drop the line they lost money on...

We have seen them first abandon their high-end A-mount bodies for the low end,


They came with the A77 high end, they came with the A99 high end, they came with the A58 (not realy a high end, more low end) They ectualy dropped the mid range...

and now seemingly abandon the low and middle for the high end. This is a company where internal politics take precedence over customer interests and so as customers we need to shout at them if we want our interests to be taken into account

but it remains a fact. A cursory examination of Sony's treatment of their A-mount customers over the last few years, and their reluctance to release new firmwares should remove any lingering doubts over this reality

For all the Nex cameras there was at least one FW update. So lets keep to the facts please. The A-mount custommers can still use there lenses and all their other A-mount things on the new camera, Yes they need an adapter to use their flashes on the new hotshoe (a thing MANY A-mount users asked for, a standard hotshoe!!)

And a rubbish adaptor it is too... not fixing properly onto the mount and as a result flashes dropping onto the floor and breaking. Well, that's one way of 'forcing' an upgrade!

And how many A-mount users who had spent money on flashes with the old fixation wanted the mount changed so their flashes could not be used effectively on the new cameras? I find that rather difficult to believe!

Many wanted it to change to use other things like remote flash control, something simple as a small level, and other stuf that goes on the normal hotshoe

And for the SLT there is this to think of: Sony did come with a last "real" DSLR (A580) after they launched the A55. It was no success, Sony did what was economicly the right thing: stop with the camera that did not sell well, and go on with the cameras that do sell better!

Who says the A580 was not a success? They are chaning hands for relatively big bucks these days...

Yes but did they change hands when they where new for the price Sony asked? The A55 was muych more populair those days, both by A-mount users and new users.

The total abandonment of OVF for SLT was probably as much a result of an internal 'turf war' between two conflicting product managers as something inspired by actual sales performance

Well could it be that it was that Sony did everything to get a larger marketshare, but that did not work with their DSLRs as they looked to much like Canon and Nikon? It is the same reason why other brands (like Penax, Olympus and Samsung) did not get a larger market share with their DSLRs and (exept for Pentax) all changed tactics. Al abandoned the DSLR market and came with something completely new (mirrorless). Nobody is telling that they abandoned their loyal customers, but they did it in a harder way then Sony did, as Sony does still makes A-mount and E-mount cameras....

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