Stagnation of New APS-C Models?

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Re: IF they update the sensor, the Nikon 1s will attrack a lot here

DT200 wrote:

captura wrote:

Larry, your's is a good and valid query.

I also have an N1 J1 and they're truly great cameras. Sonyshine has abandoned the Sony systems for what indeed may be greener fields in Nikon 1. They have a new V3 model coming as you probably know. Plus the dimininuation of the NEX forum is disgusting and maybe not worth tthe trouble. It takes away from the pleasure, for me, of owning Sony NEX cameras.

If you are not ready to take on the the Harley-Davidson of cameras, the FF A7 duo whole-hog, so to speak, why not just build on the N1 system?

It is very questionable as to whether we shall ever see any more NEX-sixe APSC cameras from Sony, ever again. The current supply of NEX's seems to be petering out.


IF they update the sensor, the Nikon 1s will attrack a lot here. Imagine the Nikon 1 with the RX100II sensor. Sony traded their technology to Aptina, so it is possible. The key word is "IF".

If they updated the sensor to the RX100II sensor, they would lose all the benefit of the Nikon 1.  The Nikon 1 has one of the fastest readouts on the market.  It gives up high ISO ability in order to have faster readout.  The Nikon 1 can shoot 60 FPS at full resolution.  That is insanely fast.


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