D610 long-exposure noise

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Dave Sanders wrote:

Ruud Wilschut wrote:

Well, it is there, so why not using it? It makes no sense not using it when doing LE. The only thing you gain are cleaner images.

But if you dont have the time to wait for the DFS, I can understand. Otherwise it's a waste not to use it.

Light is fleeting. Waiting 10 minutes for a five minute exposure or, worse, 30 for a 15 minute exposure turns dawn/dusk into a two or three exposure affair. Most people I know do everything they can to avoid LENR. It's a major consideration for a rig that will spend a lot of time with the shutter open. I can shoot 100 long exposures a week...that's a lot of my life waiting that could be used for composing

Here's an example from the RX1, which has the same sensor as the D600. This was a 'quick' exposure to test a new lightweight tripod and I was curious about diffraction at f/16, so the photo is nothing special. I didn't do much to it...no real colour correction and perhaps some light noise reduction. But it's almost 4 minutes without LENR...very little noise.

230 seconds at ISO 100 and f/16 Edit: Used Lee Big Stopper 10 stop ND

Nice shot!

You are right that the main disadvantage of NLER that it costs time. Double the time, so a really long exposure means unfortunately a really long extra waiting time..
I can imagine that it is not allways practical to use LENR for that very reason.

But if you have the time I would use it if you can. Without you have allways the change of bright hot pixels. Cool weather and not using LV lowering that chance.

But the D600/610 has indeed a wonderful sensor for long exposures!

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