Stagnation of New APS-C Models?

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Re: Let's wait....

nevercat wrote:

parallaxproblem wrote:

DT200 wrote:

I do agree that releases like the 5t are almost (not completely) pointless for buyers..

I agree, but if they had called the 5T the A5000 (as was originally planned) and released it at the same time as the A3000 then it wouldn't have been pointless:

Lets wait and see what name the Nex 3n successor will be, it can't be A3000 can it? I wonder what naming they will use for it. Will it be like Axxxx (maybe A3500, or A4000) or will it be different like Axxx, or ...

If they call it NEX then I will simultaneously breath a sigh of relief and then bash my head on the desk in front of me

The name will indeed be interesting...

"We are renaming the popular NEX-5R as the A5000 to comply with our new naming conventions and at the same time providing a mild update to specifications so that it gains NFC and triluminous capabilities to make it fully compatible with the lates Xperia and Bravia models"

Such a move would have

- made a lot of sense and there would be no questions over the reasons for the release

- have reassured users that the discontinuation of the NEX product name would have no impact on the actual releases

Sony were planning to do this, but then at the last minute backtracked and gave the product the name NEX-5T instead, a name that they already knew would be discontinued. The reasons for this are unclear and Sony have been deliberately obtuse on the matter. Very poor behaviour!

I agree, only question is poor behaviour from who, Sony or the doomsday proclamers?

I guess you think I fall into your second category.  How, exactly, is my behaviour 'poor'?

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DUMP the HUMP! Campaign for *REAL* NEX replacement bodies

Save both the hump and the humpless and be all happy!

This I can agree on...

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DUMP the HUMP! Campaign for *REAL* NEX replacement bodies

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