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Re: f/8 (like f/22) isn't always a no-no

gardenersassistant wrote:

sherman_levine wrote:

Artifact at at narrow aperture seems to be much more of an issue at full W/A than at full zoom. I'm not sure why.

For thin lenses, diffraction varies with f-stop (for w/a lenses, the aperture is physically smaller than for tele lenses, but the w/a lens is closer to the sensor). On the other hand, FZ150 (for example) does just fine at its maximum zoom, with very little evidence of diffraction artifact despite the high f-stop.

How interesting. With my achromats I use the whole range of zooms beyond 4x or so, possibly 7x or so with the FZ200 with Raynoxes on the tube. I remember doing some tests which clearly showed loss of detail as aperture decreased, but I'm afraid I can't remember which camera that was! It was a year or three ago.

Very interesting about the FZ150 at maximum zoom. I think I might try a series with the FZ200.


At least in the range 2.8-5.6 at full zoom, the differences in quality seem negligible. We had a bunch of discussion about this when the camera was first released.

I cited the FZ150 only because it's pretty much fixed aperture at full zoom, and people don't complain about fuzzy


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