K30 fried after using in rain

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Re: K30 fried after using in rain

Simon Devlin wrote:

Well earlier I was using the K30 with 18-55 AL WR kit lens in the rain. When I wasn't using it I put it back into the Hama hard case.

Got back to the cold car and left it in the case so it wouldn't suffer from going from cold to warm in a short period. Eventually got back to house around 1 hour later and took it out, it looked fine and worked. I actually spent a while experimenting with enlarger lenses on extension tubes and took some photos.

Took the battery out for a recharge. 3 hours later put it back in and I notice watermarks/stains inside the LCD screen. Then it gave garbled information saying f1.2 for aperture reading!!! f1.2 on a set of manual extension tubes? Then it froze and I had to take the battery out. I tried this several times over and still no change and the water-staining looks like it might be permanent.

The bad news... I think it has only 1 year warranty which ran out in December.

I bought it from Jessops online UK. There is a shop in my city...

So much for your WR advertising Pentax and marketing this as a hikers camera.

Even if it did work again this is clearly not a WR camera.

I know all about the ambiguity surrounding what WR realy means and litigation.

Any suggestions? Please don't tell me this is going in the bin with no comeback on it!

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Let it dry for days, put it away with some water absorbent and forget about it.

Its true you should wipe the barrel down when zooming. But I don't think that had anything to do with it. My guess is a seal failed. How and why? The water is only kept out by a felt/rubber wipe.

Water marks behind the LCD screen are nothing to worry about. You can get a new one and the pre-shaped double sided tape from Pentax and or eBay. Use a hair drier to slightly warm it up, and a small suction cup (like for windows they have hooks) pull up one corner of the LCD cover and carefully use a small screw driver to pry it off. Its not on that tight. Carefully clean the LCD screen and put on your new cover and tap. Really all you need is the tape. But when I ordered one it was so cheap I got three of them for my K20D. I definitely don't use screen protectors except on my top screen.

Except the K-3, and K-5II(s), all Pentax weather resistant bodies have a seal going around the LCD itself. Not the top cover, but the LCD screen itself is pressed up against the body with 4 strips of sealing. Like the K-3 and K-5II(s) are. That really makes you wonder how did water get in there and apparently in the body.

I am very optimistic for you I really believe if you let it dry for some days, a week as long as possible all will be OK.

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