Stagnation of New APS-C Models?

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re: indeed, their attitudes are pretty bizarre, to say the least :)

parallaxproblem wrote:

PVCdroid wrote:

Sony sacrificed the NEX brand in order to promote interest in full frame which was a rotten thing to do. Many that had plans for expanding their APS-C cameras and lens purchases have been put on hold since Sony wouldn't tell anyone what was going to replace NEX for the past three months

Very well put!

These statements are facts, not opinion

Sony have behaved badly towards their existing NEX customers since the launch of the A3000 and I'm hoping for a (somewhat humble) clarification tonight on their part of what the future holds for us. The fanatical support for Sony in some quarters of this forum in the face of this behaviour is mystifying and indeed somewhat suspicious

Now, with this press conference, Sony have an opportunity to restore their existing customers' trust in them - I hope they take that opportunity

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DUMP the HUMP! Campaign for *REAL* NEX replacement bodies

and although we might know it in few hours (if the rumors are correct), right now it is still not clear WHAT will be the form-factor of that supposed N3 replacement???

The continuity will be very highly welcome, yet for me a real litmus-paper test will be only after I'd see the Nex-7 mk-II keeping the old design, and no-hump = streamlined and elegant body of the N7-classic .

Anyway, I do agree with Pat that if not for the uproar (not only at DPR, there were analogous reactions elsewhere after that pretty dumb decision of S. to kill the Nex name) and protests, there might be not anymore little-brick APS-C bodies from S.


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