I don't see much enthusiasm for the XE2 here

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Well worth the upgrade

I love the XE2, still not as much as my X100S, but that is just my favorite camera of all time.

I still shoot with both the XE1 and the XE2, but most of my shots have just been holiday parties and such. Here are my observations, many of which have been documented in other threads, so I won't go in depth.

  • The XE2 crosses that threshold for me of actually feeling snappy. The XE1 has gotten much better, but it still feels a bit slow between EVF lag and difficulty focusing in low light with some lenses.
  • The RAW files do seem a bit more forgiving. I noticed it with the X100s over XE1 and I think it is there with the XE2. I don't shoot charts or brick walls, but I just find I like the color and shadow detail more (I often boost shadows). 
  • The XE2 has made the 60mm a great lens. I did do some side-by-side testing in low light and the XE2 would lock on my parrot as a subject about 3/4 of the time and the XE1 wouldn't get him once. The light was really low though.

I do notice the difference when shooting with both cameras, but I've decided that the XE1 is perfect for the 14mm lens, so I just leave it mounted and then I always have that handy if I am carrying a bag anyway. The focus speed and refresh rate are not as critical there.

For the issue of the XE2 being less sharp, I don't find that at all and the person stating is making huge assumptions. Yes, Fuji have added PDAF pixels, but they have also optimized the micro lenses. For all we know, the optimized micro lenses make the more of a difference than adding the PDAF pixels. Furthermore, just because a marketing diagram shows them in an extra layer, that doesn't mean that is how they are implemented.

Overall verdict for me is that I wouldn't upgrade if budget is tight, but I feel that adding the XE2 was money well spent and I will use it much more than the XE1 in my bag.


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