still torn between m43 and Full Frame systems

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Re: valid points

Geodesiq wrote:

Steve_ wrote:

It's true that the best of the m43 sensors, typified by the GH3 and 16mp Olys, are noisy compared to the better full frame and even APS-C solutions.

The difference is insignificant and imperceptible in the vast majority of cases from everything I've seen & read.

Absolutely 100% not the case I'm afraid, unless you compare snaps taken in good light and low ISO and don't pixel peep.

But if you shoot in the more extreme levels of ISO, or you find you want to shoot high shutter speeds in low light, or you want to have creamy out of focus areas when shooting birds for example, then FF is noticeably superior.

MFT is great for general photography in average light.  Go beyond these parameters and the IQ deteriorates quite quickly, just when FF is hitting its stride.

I spend hours sitting in front of a Mac working on photo files all day.  Trust me, there IS a difference.

Having said that, I don't think the difference matters to 90% of people.

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