still torn between m43 and Full Frame systems

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Re: For the sake of brevity

SaltLakeGuy wrote:

As I entered my 60's this old former wedding, portrait and landscape photographer began to tire of lugging around the FF gear. At one point, before my shoulder surgeries, I had a 50lb bad full of pro Nikon or Canon bodies, pro lenses and dual flashes and accessories I would take around the country with me in a large backpack as I traveled. I also did catalog/product photography as well.

I totally respect your choice to use a smaller camera if that works for you.

But really, did you need to carry 50 pounds of camera equipment along with you when you traveled? Why on Earth would you? A DSLR and 3, possibly 4 lenses would have weighed a very small fraction that much. It sounds to me like you were bringing along every last bit of photo equipment you had. I wouldn't BUY that much let alone feel the need to lug it everywhere with me.

To a degree, I think you kinda made your own problem with that.

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