Stagnation of New APS-C Models?

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EinsteinsGhost wrote:

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

I have the Sony NEX-F3 (and Nikon J1). Maybe it's me, but it seems like forever since new models have been announced other than the A3000 and A7/r--the former isn't really what I think of in terms of NEX, the latter are full-frame & as great as smaller full-frame models are, I think I'm one of many that appreciate what APS-C NEX models like the F3, 6 and 7 etc bring in terms of high image quality in a smaller package.

Is it just my imagination? I'm not dis-satisfied with my F3 (other than I wish you could use the command dial to more quickly choose AF points, not just the 4-way part of it) but the lack of new models can sort of send a "vibe" that the system is not likely to still be around in 3-odd years or so, or that it may end up being more like the A3000 which is NOT what I am looking for.


You have plenty of vocal companions who keep creating these threads. You start with APSc to complain about only 11 models in 3.5 years that E-mount has been around...

Really this is misleading. For example the NEX 5t is almost a rebadged 5r with some new firmware. The 5r was a 5n with a new sensor, but that sensor offered no real improvement.

Comparing the original NEX 5 to the current 5t overall there is not much of a difference except they old 5 is a bargain.

Don't worry, Canon does the same thing. The old T2i and latest T5i perform almost exactly the same.

... the point about expecting frequent launches... pointless!

It is not pointless for Sony.  They can't sell the NEX 5 for full price anymore, but add some little feature like NFS and they can sell the same camera at full price again.  Canon knows this too.  They are trying to make money.  I do agree that releases like the 5t are almost (not completely) pointless for buyers..

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