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Re: Best Online Store to Purchase?

TheNikonKnight wrote:

A little late to this thread but just had to respond.
I would NOT recommend B&H photo to anyone. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars at this retailer. All was good and I was happy with my customer relationship with B&H for many years until I was stationed overseas in the military. They lost multiple shipments of orders after payment. I should have learned on their first lost shipment, but I figured they would redeem themselves on future orders since I had been such a longtime customer. Nope. They lost another order. Both orders were thousands of dollars of photography equipment. One order even had a $200 rebate I missed out on due to their slow reshipment. No apologies, no money back or discounts offered either. I didn’t wait for strike 3. I am done with them.
B&H is a great company for collecting your money. They are an awful company when it comes to providing any customer service.

Seems to me that the "they" who lost your shipments was the USPS and, in the case of an APO or FPO address, the DOD, not B&H.  Why would you expect B&H to offer you "apologies, money back or discounts" for something that was not their fault and totally out of their control?

I've been dealing with B&H since the seventies.  They are, and have always been, a pleasure to deal with.  My profession puts me in contact with many photographers, both amateur and pro, who rely on my credibility.  I recommend B&H to them without hesitation.

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