I don't see much enthusiasm for the XE2 here

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Re: I don't see much enthusiasm for the XE2 here

Clayton1985 wrote:

Beat Traveller wrote:

I think you're conflating 'forum traffic' with 'enthusiasm'. A whole lot of the traffic about the a7 is less than enthusiastic: people speculating about the lenses, the shutter sound, the future of NEX, the usual and tiresome format wars...

Maybe we're reading different forums but the enthusiasm for the A7/r is about as high as I've seen for any announced camera at least since the Nikon D800.

Most of the posts I've seen about the X-E2 express general satisfaction with the improvements, because there are a lot. Not everyone is going to upgrade though, and personally I think that's a good thing. I'm not really a fan of the consumer culture whereby everything has a lifespan of a year or less: I bought my X-E1 and I intend it to last me several years.

As for the X-E2 it looks good but it's not enough of an upgrade to generate too much noise which isn't really a negative. It reminds me of the NEX6 - nice, solid camera that most are happy with and flies under the radar.

I love all the NON owners stating that the XE-2 isn't good enough or hasn't changed enough..

If you do not own one, you really should not be making comments.. no offense.. but really...

I have one, and it is WORLDS better than both the Xpro and the XE-1..  there are MANY MANY improvements, the most noticeable are AF and the improved sensor, The beautiful big 3 inch LCD, WiFi works fantastic and is great to have, button layout, is improved.... and a bunch more...

I also HAD the A7R.. and it went back.. in my opinion and realtime use.. the XE-2 is a better experience for MANY MANY  reasons which i will not list again... cheers

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