Are Full Frame SLRs Obsolete?

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Re: History says no.

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Did medium and large format vanish when APS came out?

The popularity of medium and large format started dropping as 35mm film improved. I think it's a similar situation with smaller sensors vs. 35mm sensors.

Because 35mm format was brutally expensive when the APS-C cameras arrived and kept expensive until the D600 and 6D arrived. And that did not happen with 35mm vs. large format. Large format cameras (professional grade such as Hasselblad or Mamiya, not the cheap Agfa Clack or box cameras) remained brutally expensive.

And most consumers don't care. Snapshots are just enough so cams like Kodak Disk were very popular with even smaller frame size. Like the cellphone cams with the matchhead sized sensors now.

Back in the late 70's Minolta brought out a couple of 110-film SLR cameras. I had one, in fact I bought another a couple years ago to put in my curio case. But for the fancy reflex viewfinder and the decent lens in a tiny package, it produced a negative that was about the size of a pinky nail. The difference in camera size did not compensate for the difference in IQ.

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