Are Full Frame SLRs Obsolete?

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Remember what Leica did to 6x6

When Leica first put 35mm movie film in their “toy” cameras, all professionals and most amateurs chuckled uncontrollably. Relatively quickly the existing standard formats (6x6 and larger) disappeared apart from studio use for advertising photography, etc.

Smaller format digital cameras are now developed to such an extent that (I humbly suggest) full-frame cameras are only still here because crop cameras are still so ridiculously big! If someone (come on Canon) shrank crop SLRs and lenses in proportion to the format (as 35mm SLRs compared with 645 SLRs), it’s probably game over for full frame - except in the professional studio.

Nothing that is held up as a massive advantage of FF over crop isn’t also valid as an advantage of 645 over 35mm. Depth of field is often quoted, but who would ditch their FF and use 645 because DOF is so overwhelmingly important for a good photograph?

FF digital SLRs were late to the table, but I suspect they’ll be the first to leave, although (like film and medium format) a few diehards and studio professionals will continue with them. I’m happy to see that Canon continue to offer a film SLR. In 10 years I suspect they’ll still offer a big 35mm Digital SLR (alongside truly small crop SLRs) and it will sell in the same minute volumes as their film equivalent.


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