Approve these specs for a new PC build?

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Approve these specs for a new PC build?

Hi all,

I’m about to invest in a new computer for video editing, but I thought I’d ask a few questions first. I’ve got a basic spec down, so I’m just looking to hear if this is OK, and if there’s anything I should change.

My aims – To grade and edit footage shot on a DSLR (Nikon D5200) to make a short (1 hour) documentary about the club scene in Ibiza. Using Premiere Pro CS6, After Effects and Magic Bullet Looks

Specs –

CPU - Intel Core i7-4770K – Lots of arguments over the K vs. non-K, but the K is cheaper and I’m not doing anything too advanced. Would go Ivy Bridge but I don’t see any major benefit.

MOBO - Asus Z87 MAXIMUS VI FORMULA Intel Z87 – Basically matches the CPU. Gigabyte and ASUS seem to be up there as brands and people argue about one over the other. I’ve always used ASUS so I just go for them based on that.

RAM - 8GB (2x4GB) Corsair Vengeance Jet Black 1600MHz CL9 DDR3 Dual/Quad Channel Kit - Is 8GB enough? The speed seems decent, Corsair are reliable, I’m just not sure how important RAM capacity is. I’m not doing any complex CGI or effects, but the grading will be quite intense at times.

GPU - Asus GTX 650 Ti 1GB – Am I right in thinking GPU isn’t that important with video editing? I’m aware of CUDA, which this card is capable of, but I’m not sure I’ll need it. This is the area I’m most uncertain of. I normally build computers for music production, so normally only need to throw in a card for £10 which is capable of displaying an image.

HDD – I’ve got various drives, but is SSD really worth it? Unless someone says, with clear evidence “you cannot edit HD footage without an SSD drive”, I won’t be taking the plunge.

Monitor – I need a lot of advice here. I have a decent Dell 19” TFT, but its 4:3. I’m thinking of using that for my editing screen, and buying a nice 16:9 screen as a reference. How cheap can I go and get decent results? If I bought something like this for example, would it be OK for reference?

Bear in mind, as I kept telling my mate who helped me shoot this, it isn’t The Shawshank Redemption, but I don’t want it to look terrible either. I’m looking for decent results that accurately portray the footage I shot, which in raw form, I’m happy with. I’m not going to go mental if a colour is slightly out, I just want to be able to edit it without having to second guess.

Nikon D5200 Samsung i7
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