Is Stylus 1 Weather Sealed?

Started Jan 6, 2014 | Discussions thread
Aaron Sur Senior Member • Posts: 1,160
Re: its not weather sealed

Until you get it wet thinking you are ok and then Olympus service center says you have moisture in it no warranty.

With the Fuji I was told Nikon ittl flash compatible, and XE-2 was weather sealed, I once sold off a Nikon off camera TTL flash cord because the salesperson told me it would not work with the new NIkons only to find out later that it did.

In a electronics store I will accept some leeway but in a dedicated camera store to spew forth such gibberish.

Like in Ben's aquaculture world

"Umm no mate that isn't algae growing on the fish that's a nasty fungal or bacterial infection".

BTW Robin Wong's blog on the Stylus 1 says the IS is in lens not sensor based. He is employed by Olympus as well.



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