Stagnation of New APS-C Models?

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The droids...

PVCdroid wrote:

abortabort wrote:

abortabort wrote:

I STILL can't understand all the doomsday talk about Traditional NEX cameras'? I even created an irony thread about it that someone got so upset about they request DPR remove it.

It wasn't an 'irony thread', it was a blatent personal attack on me

I requested that it be removed for this reason and the Mods obviously agreed as that is what happened

It is a mistake for you to bring the subject up again

It didn't even mention you, it pointed out the irony of your so called 'signs'...

But I suppose there are people whack enough to think god talks to them through toast...

A mistake? How so? Is that a threat?

Give it a break. You're a fool to be so trusting. We wouldn't have had this concern if Sony had not opened the debut of the A7 and A7R saying NEX is gone with no further information. That and the release of the A3000 for e-mount APS-C was a shock to the system we thought we bought into. I've spent a lot of money on lenses since June and have a vested interested in this system. So kudos to those that have been trying to request clarification from Sony and requesting the form factor we desire.

Sony sacrificed the NEX brand in order to promote interest in full frame which was a rotten thing to do. Many that had plans for expanding their APS-C cameras and lens purchases have been put on hold since Sony wouldn't tell anyone what was going to replace NEX for the past three months. I hope we are pleasantly surprised and will chalk up part of that surprise to the complaints WE have been providing in an attempt to steer Sony in the right direction. If this works out, I'm sure you will be right their with EG and Q with an "I told you so" attitude which is juvenile at best. I personally don't understand those that jump to defend Sony at every chance. What's the motivation for doing this? I'm not going down the paid shill road but the intense fanboism is questionable even for a Sony camera fan like me.

lol I like how everything we predicted is coming true exactly as we said it would, and yet you're trying to claim credit for "raising concerns" to keep Sony "in the right direction". Newsflash bucko: Given the timing, it's likely work on the 3-successor began right after the 5T (if not before) and whiny DPR threads had absolutely zero impact on any design decisions at Sony Japan. Shocking, I know.

This one is already on the defensive... beware that you remind the bunch of their stupid arguments.

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