Sony a7 and Panasonic GX7: Two Cameras sitting on my desk. Must return one.

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Marla2008 wrote:

I use the LA-EA4 with a NEX7 all the time, and high end Sigma glass, works very well. I had the A7 but ddn't like and return, that's another story.

For headshots you don't need *that* shallow DOF either. If you're promoting your kid acting/modeling career, you want his whole face in focus in headshots. Nothing a GX-7 and PL25/1.4 can't take care of.

Good luck deciding, I understand it can be maddening, especially deciding between two formats that are solidly apart. I do like APS-C as striking a pretty good compromise between the two, but that's only a personal thing.

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Regarding headshots, yeah, I realize a 45mm 1.8 or 75mm 1.8 would be plenty and I could even stop down a bit for a little more flexibility, and probably get an even sharper result. I got the 25mm 1.4 just to have as a walkaround fast lens (45mm was a bit too telephoto for general pics) but I wouldn't expect to use the 25mm 1.4 for headshots. Wouldn't the 50mm equivalent distort the face a bit more than a longer 45 or 75mm (90mm and 150mm equiv.) would?

I haven't ruled out either format but I think at this point if I went out and got a 3rd camera (APS-C) I'd probably drive myself nuts, let alone my wife. Yesterday, I was leaning on keeping the a7 but I slept on it and today I'm leaning toward selling it again not for it's performance, but because I can get great results out of the GX7 with fast lenses, for less. It's not perfect...and I'm hoping the eyecup that arrives in 2 days will help my viewfinder experience as I've mentioned before that I have long eyelashes and the rather squished 16:9 viewfinder opening is not as pleasant to look through. I also wish it had IBIS for video and not just stills. I'm not sure how often these cameras get firmware updates or if that even would be something that could be fixed with firmware but I guess as long as I have Panasonic lenses with built in stabilization I'll be fine. Lots to think about still...

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