Exposure Bracketing – How Canon Cameras do it – Includes a Poll

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Peter Marchant Regular Member • Posts: 301
Exposure Bracketing – How Canon Cameras do it – Includes a Poll

There seems to be something unnecessarily complex (and rather primitive) about how Canon cameras (and probably others) do the job of Exposure Bracketing.

Like cameras from bygone decades, one selects the bracketing factor (say 1 stop) and the camera expects you to press the button 3 times to expose the 3 shots – normal, over by 1 stop and under by 1 stop. “Quite standard”, I hear you say.

The problem is – if you use bracketing and take a few triple-press-of-the-shutter-button exposures, then put your camera away, the next time you use it, you are quite likely to forget it’s set and thereafter only 1 in 3 of your photographs will be correctly exposed. “Quite standard and you should notice the flag in the viewfinder”, I hear you say.

By contrast, if you select HDR, the camera will take all 3 shots (normal, over by 1 stop and under by 1 stop) with a single press of the shutter button. [It then uses its software to combine the 3 shots before saving a single HDR image]. It then doesn’t matter if you forget it’s set, as it will always take 3 shots with every button press until cancelled. How sensible!

Then again with White Balance Bracketing the camera takes only a single shot, but uses its software to adjust the shot for the different colour temperatures and saves 3 images. How clever!

So, Question 1 – Why shouldn’t Canon change its software so that, if Exposure Bracketing is set, it will always take the 3 shots with a single press of the button, in the same way it does with HDR? Can anyone think of a reason why the photographer would want to press 3 times, or would need to extend the time gap between the 3 shots? I can’t, and neither can the good people at Canon UK, who have forwarded the suggestion to the gods at Canon Inc.

Question 2 – If the clever software in the camera can adjust the colour temperature and save 3 versions after taking a single shot, couldn’t it be trained to do the same with HCR and EB, adjusting the exposure in-camera, thus achieving HCR or EB with a single mirror/shutter activation? The camera would last longer too! Probably not for some very good reason I suspect.

I’ve said to Canon UK that I’d ask on this forum to see if any Canon user disagrees with the suggestion that:

Exposure Bracketing should be accomplished by a single button press, as with HDR.

Consider this a Poll – Agree or disagree – with reason if you disagree please.



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