The Philosophy of Nikon Df

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Patrick McMahon wrote:

sgoldswo wrote:

I don't understand what you mean. I've never struggled to take pictures in low light with the Df. Just switch to single movable point focus (and if necessary recompose). The photos in this set were all taken in poor light in a variety of bars (no, I don't claim they are great examples of anything other than that I was able to take pictures in (very) poor light):

It happens...

I don't think I have ever "struggled" to take a picture in my life, but as this is a Df thread we must speak in hyperbole.

Recomposing is exactly what one may do - this should be done when the Df is unable to focus. and you can focus it on a contrasting point.

I have a slew of shots that came out great in low light... but there are times when the camera can't lock - it happens.

Unfortunately I can't play this zero sum game of why the camera either "sucks" or "is on par with the D4/D800.

Have fun

I guess I would be amazed if you had a camera that focused dead on every time, and yes, my Df refuses to focus sometimes. What I'm lacking is any kind of materiality between when that happens and when it might happen with my D800E in real world use. In fact I often found the D800E AF more hesitant in low light than my old D600 and I'm almost at the stage where I say that applies to the Df also.

Again, I suspect this comes down to technique. If you regularly use the outer points or all 39 points to focus, I suspect you may have a higher "fail" rate. Those who don't may not.

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