The Philosophy of Nikon Df

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Df low light AF ability should not even be a question

It shouldn't even be up for debate.

Nikon specifications state that the lower end of the sensitivity range of the AF module in the Df is -1EV.  Whereas the D4 and D800 are -2EV.  Given that these are the specs for the cameras, dim indoor artificial light is at the edge of the detection range for the Df/D610 AF module.  It should be no surprise that auto focus is hit or miss indoors at night. By the way, this is the same AF detection sensitivity as the D700 had.  If you were okay with D700 low light autofocus, you should be good with the the Df.  If you are used to the D800, then I suspect that the Df will get frustrating from time to time.

There's no question that Nikon itself thinks that the D800 has much better low light AF capability than the Df.  It's a shame, since the sensor is superb in low light.

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