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A little late to this thread but just had to respond.
I would NOT recommend B&H photo to anyone. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars at this retailer. All was good and I was happy with my customer relationship with B&H for many years until I was stationed overseas in the military. They lost multiple shipments of orders after payment. I should have learned on their first lost shipment, but I figured they would redeem themselves on future orders since I had been such a longtime customer. Nope. They lost another order. Both orders were thousands of dollars of photography equipment. One order even had a $200 rebate I missed out on due to their slow reshipment. No apologies, no money back or discounts offered either. I didn’t wait for strike 3. I am done with them.
B&H is a great company for collecting your money. They are an awful company when it comes to providing any customer service.


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I don't believe a word of this post.In all my dealings with B&H I have only had one problem which was quickly resolved . If I have any questions about a purchase or a product they sell ,all I have to do is call them up (and talk to a real person) and you'll get an answer. Try that at Amazon. If your into photography and headed to NYC a visit to B&H is a must...

You can believe whatever you want. That is your prerogative. I still have the correspondence as the transaction was done via email. And yes, I did call once the orders were not shipped in timely matter.
Before the Internet I had many positive dealings with B&H when I was stationed in Japan and here at home in the US. However, for some reason, when I was stationed in Korea, I did not receive 2 orders. I know that the majority of time there are no problems with shipments. I am only sharing my experience.

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