Sample Photos: EM-10 with new Oly 25mm 1.8 lens

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Re: Olympus STYLUS 1

Henry Richardson wrote:

Look, on reflection I figure you just wanted to have a bit of fun with people here and you probably did. That's fine. Go in peace.

Obviously I was wrong, and have no problem being so. I don't take myself as seriously as you seem to take me. I was hoping it was the EM-10 and for fun, made a public prediction. )If you read Wong's follow-up post, he actually apologized for the misleading wording in the teaser article. New camera AND lens, he originally said.)

As far as wanting to drive people to his website -- that line of reasoning is completely delusional on your part. I don't have any connection to him and any amount of common sense would prevail with that conclusion. In fact, I dislike his blog, because his reviews are nothing but PR.

As for my intent, OP, and title, you simply misunderstood. That's ok, just don't blame me for it. My title could have been better, but if you read the post and the quote I provided, everything was obvious. A handful of people other than yourself comprehended just fine.

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