whats up with my FZ200 images

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ISO 400 and f8!

cmc1 wrote:

the attached photo was shot from a steady platform and the self timer was activated. why do all my photos look extremely noisy, low res and with that horrible water effect? my smartphone roduces sharpers images as does my FZ 150 thanks in advance


I still own, and use, an FZ-18 and the images are MUCH sharper than this.

I note that:

- you took this shot at ISO 400.  That's way too high if you expect a clean shot.  Basically cameras with such a small sensor already lose some detail even just at base ISO of 80 or 100.  At ISO 400 a LOT of the small detail will be gone.  If you don't believe me, look at various reviews, say on Imaging Resource, or dkamera dot de.

- you took this shot at f8.  I hope you realise that on such a tiny sensor, f8 is the equivalent of a huge f number for an APS-C or full-frame sensor.  And I hope that you realise that from f8 those larger sensors already lose image quality due to diffraction.  So here you're shooting with much, much smaller apertures - thereby causing a huge problem.

My suggestion is therefore that, for any shot where you want the cleanest detail possible:
(1) you stay at the lowest ISO possible, typically 100.
(2) you use the largest possible aperture, i.e. the smallest possible f number.

Good luck

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