The Philosophy of Nikon Df

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Re: The Philosophy of Nikon Df

Dennis Watts wrote:

development cost?

The D4 is at the end of it's product life the development cost should have already been paid for. I am pretty sure the D4 was a success, and that in the next year (month) there is going to be a successor (D4s?).

Of course this is speculation, but here is fact.

2 year old sensor, still one of the best, buy 2 years old.

And this effects picture taking how exactly? And isn't the Df sensor tweaked?

3 year old auto focus (D7000) what good is ISO 25k if you can't focus?

Have you tried the Df in extreme low light? I have not been able to find a situation where my D800 can focus and the Df can't.

In this test, the cat statue was totally black to my eye and the Df locked right away (as did the D800).

Using the Df at a party with poor lighting left me with no doubt that the Df AF is perfectly fine.

If the AF on the Df was weak in low light I'd return it plain and simple. I'd send it back, order a D5300 as a small second body and call it a day. But the fact is that the Df can focus beautifully in poor light. The weakness of the Df AF is the tight array of points, just like on the D610.


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