Stagnation of New APS-C Models?

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Re: Stagnation of New APS-C Models?

larrytusaz wrote:

I have the Sony NEX-F3 (and Nikon J1). Maybe it's me, but it seems like forever since new models have been announced other than the A3000 and A7/r--the former isn't really what I think of in terms of NEX, the latter are full-frame & as great as smaller full-frame models are, I think I'm one of many that appreciate what APS-C NEX models like the F3, 6 and 7 etc bring in terms of high image quality in a smaller package.

Is it just my imagination? I'm not dis-satisfied with my F3 (other than I wish you could use the command dial to more quickly choose AF points, not just the 4-way part of it) but the lack of new models can sort of send a "vibe" that the system is not likely to still be around in 3-odd years or so, or that it may end up being more like the A3000 which is NOT what I am looking for.


Nobody knows, and unfortunately Sony aren't telling

We know that the NEX product name is discontinued, though the implications of that event has not been explained.  We also know that the last NEX camera (NEX-5T) should have had the new Axxxx naming convention (it was supposed to be called the A5000), but it was changed at the last minute back to the NEX name that Sony already knew was about to be dropped.  All we hear in interviews with Sony is 'change change change' but nothing concerning what the future holds for NEX owners

The sad reality is that Sony care little for their existing customers and are only interested in expanding their market to non-Sony owners.  Once you have bought a Sony product you are no longer interesting to the company.  This is difficult to accept as for the 'brand-loyal' it's like hearing that a parent doesn't love them (!) and for others the economic absurdity of such behaviour in alienating loyal customers and destroying 'goodwill' is incomprehensible, but it remains a fact.  A cursory examination of Sony's treatment of their A-mount customers over the last few years, and their reluctance to release new firmwares should remove any lingering doubts over this reality

There are rumours of new launches in the early part of this year so all we can do is either

- wait and see what is going to happen

- find another system where the manufacturer is a bit more 'forthcoming' to their users

Up to you...

The end is nigh! The END is NIGH!

I'm sure you'll find more 'signs' tomorrow when the new NEX-3 replacement is announced, probably having a multi-interface shoe will be your pointing as 'further evidence' of whatever it is you bang on about, because the 'NEX's back in my day had the accessory port' etc.

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